Quantity surveying plays a vital role in the field of construction, to ensure timely procurement & smooth flow of project. In the current market scenario, It is mandatory to have knowledge on Quantity Surveying, as the Client’s primary focus will be on cost of project.

Every company shall have a Quantity Surveyor, to assess the cost of project. It is mandatory for a site engineer also to have proper knowledge on this subject, as it is his responsibility to verify the bill of quantities, submitted by different parties.


Quantity surveying shall be done accurately to ensure precise timeline scheduling of the project. Project can progress smoothly, if we have handful information of procurement requirement.

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  • Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Prior Knowledge : Basics of Civil Engineering, AutoCad


CISTOTECH is the best institute and first institute to offer Courses specifically related to Civil Engineering, which all the freshers need to learn to grab a job in acompany. In CISTOTECH, trainings will be Project based and on Indian Codal provisions.

Training will be provided by Realtime professions, who has more than 12 years of Proffesional Experience in the field.All the trainers have working knowledge on realtime projects in different companies like Moldtek technologies Ltd. (Hyderabad), Facet Consulting Engineers (Hyderabad), Neilsoft (Pune),


Ramtech Software Solutions (Hyderabad), MyHome Constructions (Hyderabad) in Indian Standards, British Standards, UAE Standards and US Standards. Training includes tool training and manual calculations as well. Post training, the student will be in a position to handle realtime project on his own without any support from superiors.