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Best AutoCAD Training Institute in Hyderabad

Cistotech is the best AutoCAD training institute in Hyderabad. It provides real-time hands-on training with 100% placement assistance. Auto CAD is computer-aided software that helps us in drafting, designing, documentation, mapping and analysis of civil projects.

AutoCAD is a software developed and marketed by Autodesk. It helps in transforming your ideas into reality by drawing. It was first launched for designing structures in 2-D versions. Now, a 3-D version has been developed with some advanced features popularly known as AutoCAD Civil 3D. It supports building design, interior design, and structural analysis. AutoCAD software is used for measuring project performance, maintaining consistent data and implementing the changes in the project.

AutoCAD is an important tool in civil engineering cad that helps in preparing the blueprint for buildings, bridges, and maps easier compared to that of hand drawing. It is used by drafters, architects, developers, and surveyors. It is used by the architects and designers for getting an imaginary view of their thought on the computer.

Cistotech offers a basic level to advanced level of best AutoCAD training institute in Hyderabad to the students. It provides hands-on training to the candidates with live projects by the AutoCAD certified professionals. The internship provided here will help the students in getting real-time exposure to the practical world.

Cistotech is exclusive for the best AutoCAD training institute in Hyderabad which provides 100% placement assistance. You will be trained on live and real-time projects. It provides training from basic level tools to advanced level tools of AutoCAD 2D and AutoCAD 3D software. The training will be delivered by experienced faculty in the industry with modern technologies. It offers interactive classes with practical training and workshops.

You will be trained on live and real-time projects so that you can gain professional knowledge. The workshops conducted by Cistotech will enhance your knowledge and helps you build a career anywhere.

Cistotech is well equipped with lab facilities and modern tools. It provides hands-on training to students by certified AutoCAD professionals. It provides placement support and helps in resume preparation for the students.


AutoCAD software is widely used in construction and manufacturing industries for designing a project or a product. Creating a digital blueprint is much easier when compared to that of a hand-made blueprint. AutoCAD software is implemented in large and medium scale industries as it saves the time and efforts of its employees. It results in improved productivity of a project. It avoids the traditional errors that are associated with traditional methodologies.

Rectifying the errors with this tool is much easier when compared to that of using a pencil and paper. AutoCAD software is a great tool that helps in designing better quality projects. It is gaining more and more popularity as it avoids delays in the overall process and project execution.

AutoCAD Career options

AutoCAD is major software as it is used world -wide for drawing and drafting. It remains to be top software due to its enhanced features. The following are the specialization areas where you can make your career ahead after AutoCAD training.

• AutoCAD civil 3 D drafter
• Architectural Drafters
• Civil drafter
• Senior civil engineers
• Interior designing companies

AutoCAD Trainer profile

Cistotech has an industry expert who delivers the best services. You will be trained by certified AutoCAD professionals with more than 13 years of working experience in leading companies of Hyderabad and more than 9 years of experience in teaching. The trainer provides career development training along with customized training.

AutoCAD Training Modes of delivery

• Classroom training
• Online training
• Weekend program
• Fast track program

System requirements for AutoCAD Training

• AutoCAD is accessible on window 32 bit and window 64 bit
• Mac OS X OR Window 7 or higher is necessary for accessing AutoCAD
• User should not have less than 2GB or more of free space on a hard disk for AutoCAD files
• Graphic cards for 3 D drawings

Up To Date Curriculum

Our AutoCAD online course curriculum teaches you how to draw accurate models, insert notes and labels, and create formal design plans using AutoCAD software. The course preps you for the Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User Certification Exam, an industry-recognized certification of your skills in computer-aided design and drafting.

Lesson Group 1: Orientation: Ashworth College Career Program

Learning at Ashworth 

The goals and values of Ashworth College; time management; creating a realistic weekly and monthly study schedule; the nature and purpose of assessments; how to study effectively to prepare for and take an online examination; developing the skill sets necessary for success in the twenty-first century.

Lesson Group 2: Drawing Software and Constructing Basic Shapes

Lines and Essential Tools 

Create new drawings; explore the drawing window; explore command entry methods; draw, undo, and erase lines; save and open drawings; become familiar with different toolbars.

Circles and Drawing Aids 

Change the grid and snap settings; change units; draw circles; access online help features; use single-point Object Snap; use the OOPS, RECTANG, and ERASE commands; customize your workspace; plot or print a drawing.

Layers, Colors, and Linetypes 

Create new layers; assign colors to layers; assign linetypes and lineweights; change the current layer; change the linetype scale; edit corners using FILLET and CHAMFER commands; zoom and pan with the scroll wheel; use the ZOOM command; enter single-line text.

Lesson Group 3: Templates and Essential Commands

Templates, Copies, and Arrays 

Set limits; create a template; save a template drawing; use the MOVE and COPY commands; use the ARRAY command for rectangular arrays; create center marks; create macros with the Action Recorder; change plot settings.

Arcs and Polar Arrays 

Create polar arrays; draw arcs; use the ROTATE command; use polar tracking at any angle; create mirror images of objects on the screen; create page setups.

Object Snap 

Select points with object snap (single-point override); select points with running object snap; use object snap tracking; use the OFFSET command (create parallel objects with OFFSET); shorten objects with the TRIM command; extend objects with the EXTEND command; use the STRETCH command to alter objects connected to other objects; create plot layouts.

Lesson Group 4: Text and Dimensioning, Curved Shapes and Blocks


Enter single-line text with justification options; enter text on an angle, and enter text using character codes; enter multiline text using MTEXT command; edit text in place with DDEDIT and MTEDIT commands; modify text with the Quick Properties panel; use the SPELL command; change fonts and styles; change properties with MATCHPROP command; scale previously drawn entities; create tables and fields; use AutoCAD templates, borders, and title blocks.


Create and save dimension styles; draw linear dimensions; draw multiple linear dimensions using QDIM; draw ordinate dimensions; draw angular dimensions; dimension arcs and circles; dimension with multileaders; change dimension text; use associative dimensions; use the HATCH command; scale dimensions between paper space and model space.


Draw polygons; draw donuts; use the FILL command; draw straight polyline segments; draw polyline arc segments; edit polylines with the PEDIT command; draw splines; create path arrays; draw revision clouds; draw points; use constraint parameters; use AutoConstrain and inferred constraints.

Blocks, Attributes, and External References 

Create groups and blocks; insert blocks into the current drawing; create dynamic blocks; add constraints to dynamic blocks; access data in a block table; use the Windows Clipboard; insert blocks and external references into other drawings; use the AutoCad Design Center; define attributes; work with external references; extract data from attributes; create tool palettes; explode blocks.

Lesson Group 5: Isometric and 3D Drawings

Isometric Drawing 

Use isometric snap; switch isometric planes; use COPY and other edit commands; draw isometric circles with the ELLIPSE command; draw text aligned with isometric planes; draw ellipses in orthographic views; save and restore displays with the VIEW command.

3D Modeling 

Create and view a 3D wireframe box; define and save user coordinate systems; explore the 3D Basics workspace; create solid boxes and wedges; access different visual styles; create the union of two solids; work with DUCS; create composite solids with SUBTRACT command; create chamfers and fillets on solid objects; practice 3D gizmo editing; render solid models; change viewpoints with the ViewCube; create layouts with multiple views.

More Modeling Techniques and Commands 

Draw polysolids, cones, pyramids and tori; slice and section solids; perform mesh modeling; adjust viewpoints with 3DORBIT command; create 3D solids from 2D outlines; walk through a 3D landscape; create an animated walk-through.


  • Any degree holders
  • Civil engineers
  • Interior design diplomats
  • Architectural diplomats




MR. SHISHIRCorporate Trainer & Civil Engineer
Having 21 years of Experience. Worked with NEILSOFT-Pune; My Home Constructions in Hyderabad; Ramtech Software Solutions Ltd Hyderabad; MOLDTEK Technologies Hyd; Facet Construction Engineers. Corporate Trainer for Rebar Detailing, Quantity Surveying, Etabs, STAAD Pro, Revit, Construction Management & Primaveera.
MR. GOPI RAMAKRISHNASr. Mechanical Faculty
Having 7 years of real-time working experience along with teaching mechanical designing courses like, AutoCAD, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, UNIGRAPHICS, and ANSYS. Must attend the demo class to find out the quality of the subject.
MR. MOSHINCivil Engineering Faculty
Most Experienced and Real-time Faculty in Civil Engineering at Cistotech Institute.
Having 11 Years of excellence in Providing quality training.

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